AVPA provides members with an ideal opportunity to gain formal industry recognition and acknowlegement of their skills and professionalism as a video producer.

The AVPA plays a significant role in enhancing member's business.

Only AVPA accredited members are permitted to use the "Accredited Member" AVPA logo and the AVPA name and logo in their advertising and promotional materials. This provides potential clients with added confidence in the professionalism and capabilities of accredited AVPA members.

The accreditation process includes an intensive review of the applicant's work by an official review panel. Accreditation is earned, not purchased. The accreditation process incorporates four key areas of assessment, each of which accounts for a maximum of 25% of the total assessment score. these categories are:

  • Structure
  • Camera Skill
  • Editing & Mastering
  • Technical Quality

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All enquiries related to assessment and accreditation should be in writing via email and marketed to the attention of the Accreditation Officer.

AVPA Accreditation Application

AVPA Accreditation Criteria

AVPA Minimum Professional Standards


Successful applicants will be issued with an 'Acreditation Certificate'for display in their studio. 'Accreditation Certificates' remain the property of the AVPA and will be revoked in the event that the member becomes 'unfinancial', breaches AVPA guidelines, or acts in a manner likely to bring the AVPA and/or brings ints members into disripute.

In the event that a 'Certificate' is revoked, the individual or organisation concerned must cease immediately to use or refer to the AVPA name, logo or accreditation in all forms of advertising and or marketing activities, including print, electronic and or verbal. DVD's and or other materials submitted for assessment will not be returned.


Accreditation is available for:

  • Corporate
  • Special Event


With each category there three levels of accreditation:

  1. Member
  2. Advanced
  3. Master





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